High school
May  2005

Graduated from high school number 9 of the city of Korolev in physical and mathematical specialty with a silver medal. Was keen on aircraft modelling, computer science and music. Participated in International Space Olympics 2003, 2004.

September 2005 - June  2012
Studied at the aerospace faculty of Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI)︎ with a specialization of applied informatics. Defended a diploma on the subject of “Automated communication infrastructure for the educational process”. Holds a degree of engineer at specialty CAD systems︎ since June2012.

Marketing and advertising
October 2006 - May 2011

Worked as a freelance web developer since high school and got the first official PHP developer job at 2006. In 2008, together with friends Oleg Kubyshkin and Denis Konstantinov, founded the SAHAR Cinema studio, which created and carried out online advertising campaigns for films that appear in russian cinemas.  

June 2011 - June 2013

Worked as Director of Production at the largest Russian digital advertising agency GRAPE (which is now POSSIBLE︎) under leadership of great professionals Andrey Anischenko (CEO) and Vlad Sitnikov (Creative Director). Was responsible for development and right-in-time launch of more than 100 digital instruments for global FMCG brands yearly. Сreated and carried out operational management of a team of 30 designers, managers and developers in the office and an extensive network of outsourcing.

Visual identity and expo design
June 2013 - January 2015

Worked as a CEO of Alexey Maslov Design Laboratory︎. A lot of work in the field of visual identity and communications design was done for machine building companies. It was a big challenge to create and handle a team that will provide Alexey with the desired performance and non-compromising quality of each project.

Industrial design and engineering
February 2014 - December 2016  

Being passionate about machines and constantly in touch with them in work, together with Alexey Maslov founded ATOM︎ which main product is conceptual design for transportation. Providing customers with all the services from creating an idea to a full-scale mock-up. ATOM is a brand for collaboration between Alexey as a creative director and Max as a general engineer.

Machinery and architecture
January 2017 - till now

Began to privide R&D, project management and creative services as an independent specialist to local and international enterprises helping strong teams cope with ambitious design, engineering and marketing challenges.

Koroløv, Russia