The Fennec Turbine is a state of the art and technology compact wind turbine with low noise, high safety, and long use. The heart of the technology is a unique hyperboloid rotor which provides the lowest noise and vibrations. From the art point of view—this is the new dimension for well-known works with hyperboloid shells of famous Russian engineer, Vladimir Shukhov (1853 – 1939). The project moves his works from the static to dynamics. The Fennec Turbine is on the cutting edge between architecture and machines.

Awarded by European Comission

Being a means of transportation  R1 Streetcar is at the same time an important part of the architectural landscape of the city. This conceptual setting has allowed designers to derive the formula «vehicle + architecture = vehitecture». Synthetic term vehitecture best reflects new interdisciplinary space of vehicle engineering and architecture in which the concept of R1 was created.

Red Dot Award: Design Concept

Moscow, Russia